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1944: Prelude to Victory

RCAF-100: Celebrating the centennial of the Royal Canadian Air Force

O Canada: 75+ of the most genuinely Canadian things

1943: The Allies gain the advantage in the Second World War

O Canada: Greatest Canadians

U-boats attack: The Battle of the St. Lawrence

Defining Battles of the War Of 1812

How Canada was shaped by War & Peace

How Canada conquered Vimy Ridge

Canada and the great war of liberation

Canada's great naval battles

1945: Canada and the end of the Second World War

John McCrae and the Battles of Flanders

O Canada: Discover your land

D-Day: The free world fights back

Battle of Ortona

O Canada: The best of everything

The march to victory: Canada’s final 100 days of the Great War

Canada and the Second World War: The Battles

Crime: Canadian style

Passchendaele: Canada’s brutal victory

World War I: True stories from Vimy to victory

The Royals: The fight to rule Canada

Vimy: The birth of a nation

O Canada: The history of our home and native land

Battle of the Pacific: Courage in the Far East

War Stories: True stories from the First World War

War Photos

The Somme

Twenty-five great Canadian aviators

Battle of the Atlantic

Liberating Normandy: The road to victory

Victoria Cross

Korea: The forgotten war